220 VOLT is a street-chic, ready-to-wear, independent fashion label. 220 VOLT was born out of an urge to create a vision and to empower others through fashion. Power is the heart of the brand, cause power equals growth, energy and survival.

We want to share a story. The story that inner strength gives you wings and with this power almost nothing is unreachable. We want to empower others to express their inner warrior and to be their own hero.

220 VOLT identifies with bold and minimalist designs, clean lines, strong silhouettes, contrasting color combinations and transparent plastic details.

At 220 VOLT we aim for transparency through every aspect, cause to us transparency is authenticity and this cannot be faked. We want to empower others to be who they really are and to dress how they really want cause we believe that fashion is an expression of the self. Our clothes are made for every BODY and every ONE cause we are all one.

Our collections are inspired by powerful cultures, sports and designs. We sell sturdy, and durable wear made from organic, fair trade cotton. Each item is made-to-order with love & power. 220 VOLT is electrifying, powerful, heroic and progressive.